Synge & Byrne will be opening our new adventure up The Linen Green, an exciting shopping complex situated in Moygashel just outside Dungannon

But... we are not the kind of coffee house where we all stand around stroking our beards discussing how humidity affects coffee extraction rates, the Café business is not a lifestyle choice for us but a Lifelong Passion. We are looking for hard working people who want to be part of something different because we strive to be different and to provide a service like no other.


So if you have passion for people, food, coffee and providing a level of customer service like no other then have a look at the positions available. No experience is necessary but always welcome.

Squad Leader

A very important and difficult position because as Squad leader you will be expected to lead by example. You will set the tone for your team and help the manager to follow the company’s vision to provide a level of customer service, food quality and professionalism like nowhere else.


Food Lovers

(the making kind not just the eating kind)

These people must have a passion for inventing and making amazing creations that follow the company’s ethos of using local produce to produce delicious healthy food. You must have experience working in a busy kitchen environment, have a good knowledge of food & various costing, and be aware of all legal requirements. A particular love of baking would be great but a chef’s hats is not necessary.


Baristas –

As a Barista you will be the last part of a long chain of hard working people from the coffee growers in South America to the our roasters in Dublin and finally to you the person responsible for creating an amazing drink for the customer. IF you understand the importance of the Baristas position in this chain and you love coffee, of course, we want YOU!


Team Members

Without our Avengers we are not complete. We need fearless warriors in the pursuit of happy customers, people from this planet but the type who strives to make every day the best possible because they know you don’t get two chances at a day. The kind of person that wants to make sure every customer to S&B leaves happy. But with this path to happy customers comes a hard but rewarding existence that brings joy and fun to customer and work buddies alike.


The S&B Avengers….







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