Synge & Byrne is an artisan café company based on the Island of Ireland.

Synge&Byrne are truly a family business in structure and culture, founded in 2013 by two brothers that have been in the café business for over 22 years S&B now operates in sites across the Island of Ireland. We are now a collection of like-minded people who share the same values and want to build something of real value that we are proud of, while enjoying the wild adventure that is this one life.

MrSynge&MrByrne themselves are a representation of a feeling, a place, a time – an interpretation of modern Ireland. A place with two faces, one building on tradition and steeped in history, one creating a new future looking outwards and forward at all the amazing changes and opportunities ahead – an Espresso Macchiato with a piece of warm soda bread and butter. Synge&Byrne are the symbols of a community of people and businesses that represent our shared diversity and celebrate the rich traditions and exciting future possibilities of our wee Island.

What we’re about

We have a strong set of values and a culture built on inclusiveness, sharing and cooperation that drives our daily adventures in food & coffee. We have a clear and documented “2030 Vision for greatness” that is shared with all of our teams and gives us all a clear destination and understanding of our “Why?” 

Our Mission statement makes it clear…..

We share the Synge&Byrne Experience - Creating “Little Moments of Happiness” by selling food that makes you happy and giving service that makes you smile. Spending our days living our values by showing love and care in all our actions to enrich as many lives as we possibly can.

Our Vision is supported by our guiding principles that are clearly defined….

We bring the Synge&Byrne Experience to as many people as possible by how we live our Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles guide how we work together, how we relate to each other, to our guests, to our suppliers, to our community. These principles are at the core of everything we do; they drive our decision making, they help us with our planning, and they guide us in our daily work. We task each and every member of the S&B family to help us to build on, revise, refine and strengthen our Guiding Principles. We successfully share the Synge&Byrne Experience by following our principles and living our commitment to providing: 

1. Great Food

2. Great Service

3. A Great Brand to be Part of 

4. Solid Profits

5. A Great Place to Work

6. Strong Relationships

7. A Place to Learn

8. A Leader for Place & Planet

If you would like to hear more about or Vision or Values please give us a shout

Our Environment

The world no longer has an option when it comes to putting how we live on the plant to the forefront of what we do daily. Every business seems to be making great claims about what they are doing at the moment when really what we are all doing should simply be the norm, the basic minimum of what is expected across all industries.  So we don’t make any great claims to be saintly or perfect but we have set out a clear path to Zero Waste and Carbon neutrality by 2030 and are quietly and steadily going about implementing it.

However at Synge&Byrne we have always been focused on how we can help be less damaging to our surroundings and since we opened in 2014 have used Compostable and recyclable packaging. Although we have had to temporarily row back on some of our more daring environmental policies since we opened, our 2030 vision targets Zero waste & Zero Carbon but it’s the small changes daily that make the difference. 

We have introduced our new compostable 500ml still water, removed all single use plastic bottles from our fridges and replaced them with cans, started recycling our food waste & coffee grounds, begun changing our company vehicles to electric, we are trialling how we safely replace single use salt & pepper, sugar, sauce and butter portions….the list goes on. Our biggest step to getting us on the road to where we plan to be in 2030 has been establishing our “Environmental Steering Committee” who are tasked with getting us to a position where we can start to help other businesses be more environmentally sustainable while being profitable and stable. We are guided by the Ghandi line….”be the change that you want to see in the world” …..and we ALL want to see big changes

Like everyone else we are taking it one step at a time and hoping that are decisions are the right thing each time. If you have any observations or ideas, contacts that you feel would help us to be better at reducing our environmental footprint please, please do give us a shout.